Wokingham and District Association
for the Elderly

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Call us on 0118 978 7025

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Carole Barnes (acting Chair)

Jackie Wilson (WADE Trustee)

Picture of Jackie Wilson

Born in Reading, October 1939. Three children and three grandchildren.

Lived in Wokingham until 1945, moved to Kent and educated at Simon Langton Grammar School, moved back to Wokingham 1956 with parents who were local business people.

After bringing up children worked for a number of local firms, for final 16 years prior to retirement as Commercial/Legal Manager for Granada Computer Services.

Part time secretary for WADE for 6 years, then volunteer Fundraiser.

Other charity work includes assisted fundraising for Air Ambulance, Alexander Devine Trust.

Appointed as a WADE Trustee in June 2017.

Chris Barnes (WADE Trustee)

Mr Victor Forsyth (WADE Trustee)

Picture of Victor Forsyth

Victor Forsyth. M.A.( Hons.) Cantab. Modern Languages.

Born in Norwich Sept. 1937. Married Patricia May, Christmas Eve. 1960, Four children.

Wide international experience in Sales, Fire and Industrial explosion safety systems. R.S.C.M. chorister 1944 – 2014. Awarded Bishops Chorister. Moved to Wokingham in 1976. Served twice as Chairman for Wokingham Town Twinning Association.

Member of Wokingham Choral Society for 37 years. Now retired.

Mr John English (WADE Trustee)

Picture of John English

Born in Amersham in 1951 to a Yorkshire mother and Suffolk father who chanced to meet there during the war.

Married to Sue, they have three daughters and two grandchildren and have lived in Wokingham since 1980

Following a B.Sc. in Pharmacology from the University of London in 1973, worked in clinical research for the pharmaceutical industry until retirement in May 2016.

Inspired to join WADE on retirement by fellow Trustees Carole and Chris Barnes.

Mr Paul Bidwell (WADE Trustee)

Picture of Paul Bidwell

Lived in the Bracknell ward of Priestwood for eight years moving to Berkshire from Essex in 1996 and was elected Town Councillor for this Ward in 2015.

A Trustee of a WADE since 2010 taking a brief period away to work for an Adult Social Care organisation also in Wokingham, before returning as a Trustee in 2012.

Combines on-going support of the Labour Party and Trusteeship with a full time job delivering services to Local Authorities across the UK. Worked in Europe and the USA. Married with six children (three step) all now adult and combines supporting his family with a passion for sport and the arts.